Saturday, September 26, 2009

Car Polishes - Waxes : Turtle Wax T-468 Ice Liquid Polish, 16 ounces

Finally, a clear wax you can use in direct sunlight! Turtle Wax Ice Liquid Polish features an innovative new technology that blends silicone and organic polymers to provide extraordinary shine and durability to your car's finish. Water clear formula can also be applied to all exterior rubber, plastic and vinyl trim to restore color and shine without leaving white residue.

I've been a long steady purchaser of Meguiars products. This is the first "wax type" product I've found that rival's the Meguiars NXT results. While it doesn't last long,this product hides blemishes on a black vehicle very very well. Micro scratches, scratches, rock dents in the front bumper, metal, plastic, eveyrthing....

Very very easy to put on. You could probably apply to the whole car in 10-15 minutes max. Pretty easy to remove. Because it's great for plastic too, there is no time wasted trying to keep it off of your window rubber/trim or any other plastic on the vehicle. It is about the consistency of Rain X.

Goes on very easy, comes off decently, leaves astounding results. For those who detail frequently, dislike white powder in the cracks and want to use a product that won't build up, this is it. This is the first new wax type product I've been happy with in about nine years. Not sure if I'll quit using Meguiars NXT but definitely less frequently.

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