Saturday, October 3, 2009

Glass Care : Stoner 95161 Invisible Glass Reach and Clean Tool

Good product. I got it mainly for the inside windshield on my SUV because it's so hard to get into the corners. This did well for that, but after I used it, thought I was done and put it away I noticed that it did streak. It took using it a couple times to get it right, but now my windshield looks great. I think the problem is that it's hard to get firm pressure on the entire "triangle" cleaning pad.

Is it Is it useful...very. I have a very sloped windshield that makes it difficult to get to the bottom of and clean. This tool works great for that. I use a number of Stoner products and you can't go wrong with them.

This windshield cleaner does the job. It's great for getting into the corners and along all the hard to reach spots on windshields. Especially on those sloped interior windshields most modern cars have. On the inside, it's the way to go. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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